It takes great people to make a great company.

Our mission is simple: to connect promising companies with the talented people who can bring their business to the next level.

Though we serve companies of all sizes, we have established a reputation as specialists in startup hiring. Most of our clients are innovative startups, early-stage ventures, and companies in expansion or turnaround mode, who are building a name in their respective industries.

Featured Clients


We needed to transition our head of technology and Max presented the perfect candidate the first time.. he knew exactly what we were looking for, and he hit it out of the ballpark.
— Maryanne Morrow, CEO of 9th Gear Technologies

I need to say that Max cares.. not only does he do great searches but he understands what the start ups need, and our portfolio companies really benefit from PeopleConnect.
— Randy Williams, Founder & CEO, Keiretsu Forum

Max provided us with three very strong candidates who not only wanted to join our team, but agreed to do it on an equity basis.. which of course helps greatly when you’re in the process of fundraising.
— Adam Olejniczak, CEO of Cabture

We got good, quality candidates that we were immediately able to move on. Roles were filled much, much quicker to the point where we’ve done several hires and we’ve been happy with all of them.
— Joe Inkenbrandt, CEO of Identify3D
I was very happy, within a few months to be able to bring the two software leads we were looking for. The relationship between PeopleConnect was very nice, very efficient. I really appreciated working with Max and his team.
— Fabrice Barbier, COO of Reviver Auto
I’ve used PeopleConnect several times for management candidates, sales candidates and technical candidates. I’ve been very, very satisfied and will continue to use them.
— Wolfgang Daum, CEO of TOMA Biosciences
PeopleConnect did a successful search for my Chief Marketing Officer, and I couldn’t be more pleased with the way they did it. They not only impressed me, but also impressed my new CMO and he became a supporter of the PeopleConnect team.
— Bob Novelli, Chief Strategy Officer at On Lok
PeopleConnect recently helped Blurb hire two key people who both fit in and stand out. I highly recommend PeopleConnect as responsive, creative, and skillful recruiters who listen well and are well-connected.”
— Eileen Gittins, CEO, Blurb
Max is a force of nature – he loves entrepreneurs and is a fantastic networker and service provider.”
— Mitchell Kertzman
Max is truly a leader in his industry. He has a gift for working with people and a unique insight into the world of high-tech start-ups. This leadership resonates through his entire company. But what I really want to stress about Max is that in our lifetimes we rarely meet people who give a damn – he does
— Paul Bragiel
As a VC, angel and entrepreneur, I view Max as one of the most connected individuals I’ve met in my 20 years in the Silicon Valley – he is up on all the trends, the hot companies and seems to know people on both the investment and entrepreneurial side. He also is a genuine pleasure to be around and does his business with integrity. Max blends a sense of enjoyment for his work with a keen awareness of how to put people together and get business done.
— Randy Haykin, VC, Entrepreneur