Cannabis Recruiting


PeopleConnect’s cannabis practice is focused on finding great candidates with cannabis industry experience nationwide.

Our 20 year proven track record and methodology is helping early stage growth companies add outstanding people to their teams. These are people who have startup experience as well as domain expertise … people who know that when you’ve worked a 40 hour week at a growing young company that it’s lunch time on Wednesday!

PeopleConnect has recently filled three key positions for a Colorado based agricultural biotech company that provides pesticide-free, virus-free, true-to-type coffee and hemp plants to growers of high-value crops:


VP Sales

Financial Analyst

Please reach out to our CEO, Max Shapiro, to talk about how PeopleConnect can help you build a great team!



“PeopleConnect did a great job finding us an outstanding COO as well as a recently placed VP Sales, both with a unique combination of qualifications that were hard to find. They also found us an excellent Financial Analyst.
Max and his team took our guidance and suggestions and were quite responsive. They presented several strong candidates with the right kind of experience that we were looking for. Their efforts were focused on exactly what we needed. We were very satisfied with the job that PeopleConnect did for Front Range Bio.”
— -Jon Vaught, CEO
Scott Wiley Pic 200x200.jpg
“As first a COO candidate and then as the hiring manager for a VP Sales and a Financial Analyst, I was very impressed with PeopleConnect’s service. As a candidate, I really appreciated the speed and frequency of the communication with Karen. Knowing that I was dealing with a peer, rather than someone with little experience, was a big plus for me. I felt that she was serving as a partner throughout the process. When I was on the other side of the table, I really appreciated Adam’s work in sending in only quality candidates…I got no garbage. His summaries of the candidates were great and helped expedite the process and resulted in the hiring of two excellent candidates…..a VP Sales and a Financial Analyst. I highly recommend PeopleConnect’s services.”
— Scott J. Wiley Chief Operating Officer Front Range Biosciences, Inc