Board Advisor (6079A)


Our client provides a portable solution for food & beverage and CPG companies to measure and digitize taste and scent. They have cloned the human olfactory and taste receptors into a sensor to accurately capture the human sensory experience of taste and scent. The technology is one-of-a-kind and they are doing some exciting things in the food/bev/CPG world.

Their initial platform for digitizing scent and taste comprises of the following: the EssenceChip taste/scent sensors, Allegory software suite, Aromagraph visual analytics package, suggested standards for taste/scent digitization, and the company’s taste and scent “datastore” and related APIs.

Our client is seeking someone that comes from either the food/beverage or CPG industries to sit on their board as a trusted and experienced advisor as they move forward. This position will pay a certain amount of equity, which is rapidly increasing in value. They would like this person to ideally be in the LA or Bay Areas, but would consider someone in other locations…especially if they bring the right knowledge and experience to the table.

If you come from either of these industries and would like the chance to learn more about this position, please email me directly at with your resume’.