Technical Co-Founder - Hands-On (6082K)

Location: South San Francisco Bay Area, CA- Local Candidates Only

Our client is an engineering and product focus company, with a significant emphasis on product, user experience, and brand. Their belief is that the trifecta of Technology, Product, and Brand will be foundational to their success and they are deeply committed to that. The product is in public beta and is organically acquiring customers.

Our client respects creativity and originality, and strives to keep it in the DNA of the company culture. They envision it to pervade all decision making processes ranging from choice of craft beer they will drink on Fridays, colors they will chose for office walls and of course, the technology to be built!

What you will bring:

You will bring an A-player mindset that dreams big and can thrive within a team of other A-Players. You have an infectious positive, can-do attitude, intelligence, knowledge and skills. You are a coding ninja, scrappy, creative problem solver, ready and willing to get hands-on and hack your way to solutions, both technical and non-technical. You love enriching debates, and can challenge and raise the bar for other team members, are a status-quo hater, and love asking “why?!”

You’re an entrepreneur at heart who believes in creating an impact and making a difference to this world. You will be in a unique position to provide a technology vision for the company, hire a rock star technical team, map out strategy, be instrumental in building your dream company and see yourself as a future technology visionary.

Experience Needed:

You have previously built mobile applications and platforms that power web and mobile consumer experiences and applications. You come with at least 5 years of prior experience in Java, C++, Server-side APIs, Web Application Development, Android and Mobile Application Development, Facebook Social Graph APIs, Payment Solutions Integration, AI and Machine Learning.

Additionally, you have an open mind, are willing and able to learn new emerging technologies. You love staying up to date with the latest and greatest “out there” technology and can judiciously adopt these to our products and platforms.

You have been a part of an early stage start-up, ideally with experience in achieving an exit event. Funding raising is a part of the your skill set, skilled at telling the technical side of the story, in non-technical terms, to investors.

You will join the team as a Technical Co-Founder, full time and lead the development team through the product-market fit phase. The client is OKR (Objective & Key Results) bound, sets high targets and stretch goals, with the aim to exceed and accomplish them. They have access to excellent resources, mentors, and advisors from top academic and research organizations, industry experts and the entrepreneur community.

The position is equity only at first. Salary payouts will be upon revenue generation and/or external funding. Given the nature of the product and current team strength we are confident, that a rock solid technology visionary will help us accelerate towards revenue generation and funding milestones.

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