CEO - community relations/event planning (8038A)


Our client has renovated a gorgeous historic building of a former church in Russian Hill (San Francisco) into a central location people can come for educational services and community meetups. They want to make this a place where people of all backgrounds can come to learn, network and celebrate the mix of arts, technologies and entertainment.

They are currently seeking a result-oriented executive who has experience of building successful event and community business in San Francisco, bringing together diverse audiences of people, event producers, community leaders, charities and corporate sponsors.

You are the “face” of this project, creating appealing, trustworthy and open brand through public relations as well as business development and direct communications.

You are a strong team leader, delegator and spokesperson. You will be on cameras and in media reviews, welcoming thousands of people, including most influential and wealthy citizens of the city and from around the World.

You will have to manage complex relationships between our client’s team, city authorities, people of San Francisco, business partners and board of directors while driving the project to acceptance and revenue generation.

You will have access to top investors, corporations, city officials, media. You will manage landmark San Francisco building that everybody will be talking about. You will get full support from celebrity investors and real estate property managers.

You should possess a background in community-driven and/or educational projects (startups or more established) - clearly showing passion for community-driven business and well-known for such activity. Non-profit experience is a huge plus, as well. You will also need to understand the risks and have experience with fundraising.

You will possess the following characteristics as CEO:

  • Results driven
  • Passionate for building communities
  • Great host for events
  • Social communicating and networking
  • Command instinct
  • Hiring ability
  • Sales intuition

Compensation for the CEO

You will help get the new strategy approved and funded and take the P&L responsibility, including paying own competitive salary. In the interim, our client will cover all the expenses, pay nominal salary and provide significant equity upside. This will be considered a consultant/part-time position until they get full approval from the city. At that time, you will be able to come aboard in a full-time capacity.

If you would like to learn more about this exciting opportunity, please send your resume’ to

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