ENTREPRENEURIAL CEO, Bay Area, CA Healthcare (8047G)


Our client is an early stage startup whose platform revolutionizes the medical transcription industry. This position requires someone who has startup experience in the digital health space, with knowledge of marketing and selling to health care organizations and physician groups. The CEO must be experienced in presenting to potential investors and have a track record of raising capital. As part of a fast-growing startup, the CEO must be comfortable and adept in working in a lean, creative and flexible environment.

The CEO will be the public face of the company, developing the guide book for potential investors on why this is the right investment opportunity.

The CEO will have responsibility for developing marketing and sales strategies as the product moves through funding and into full distribution. Wearing many hats, developing the culture of the organization, being the lead evangelist, and being the business mind are just a few of the exciting elements of this opportunity.

The CEO will have the ability to move technology from geek-speak to everyday conversation during presentations. Translating new technology to user benefits and market opportunity to investors and industry forums is critical.

To be successful in this role you must have:

Current experience in senior management, at the VP or C level

Relevant experience launching non-consumer digital SAAS products

Experience fund raising with angels and VCs, as part of a team or as the main person

Be skilled at leveraging the healthcare space

Start-up experience

Additional experience in Marketing, or Sales is desired

This is an equity only opportunity for the first +/- 90days

Ready to flex your creativity? Send your cover letter & resume to: glenna@peopleconnectstaffing.com